Which brand is the logistics electronic lock brand good?

As absolutely everyone is aware of items in the logistics and transport method management and cargo security issues are the most desire, Hisamichi truck digital lock is created to resolve the trucking objects in accordance to technique according to journey defense to area, and complete management of goods security.

  Application scope of digital lock for prolonged truck: 
Proper for transporting products to the location subsequent shipment. Prolonged truck electronic lock with current working day info engineering for the operator to offer a whole range of be worried totally free of demand cargo safe transportation face.
  Long truck electronic lock two principal functions 1 the operator can just prior to the arrival of the merchandise at the vacation spot, the freight automobile administration system or Software at any time truck route, monitoring the transportation of products, to keep abreast of the freight motor vehicle and the cargo in the logistics and transportation technique of merchandise in transit and safety associated data.
  2 non standard triggers any keep off, modify route of non typical triggers, there are unauthorized can make an endeavor to steal goods this sort of as truck digital lock through truck steward technique or Software can be Fuel consumption monitoring managemen quickly discovered to get corresponding defending steps. In get to enhance the precision and timeliness of supply of merchandise and make certain the security of goods.
  3 accurate time alarm purpose when the truck digital lock is not approved to pry the lock electronic lock will be real-time via the designed-in GSM module alarm to the track file, to steer clear of the reduction of items.
  Hisamichi Wulian (Jointech) and belongs to the cold chain transportation container checking, distant checking, getting concrete auto scheduling administration, gasoline usage monitoring and administration, checking and administration of cell assets is the industry’s prime cure suppliers and operators.